Reconstructing My Paternal Grandfather

  Beardsley Lawrence left a trail, I followed it Anthony Lawrence (Pcunix) Beardsley Lawrence Senior with his sister Marianna References and citations are at the bottom of this story. Beardsley Lawrence Sr. was my paternal grandfather. I met him only once, when he was dying in a Boston Hospital. I was five years old or younger. I cannot remember much more than my father introducing us. I took his hand and he said something like “Good to meet you, young man.” Was that visit from a dying man’s wish to see his only grandson or simply something my father felt he should do on what may have been his last visit with his father? I do not know. My Aunt Ann told me that when her father was diagnosed with spinal cancer his doctor prescribed a strict vegetarian diet. Although he never recovered, she claimed that he was free of cancer when he died. I do not recall her advocating a vegetarian diet in her own life; my impression was that she was telling me this just as a curious bit of family history

My Dangerously Active Nightmares

  A thief was in my room. I saw him plainly. He was big, but that didn’t stop me. Screaming, I jumped up and grabbed him. Anthony Lawrence (Pcunix) Photo by author I am off to dreamland a few minutes after I get into bed. I’m gone so fast that I almost never notice my wife coming to join me a little later. Aside from getting up to pee once or twice, that’s it. I’m out of it until morning. Most of the time. Sometimes my dreams become more alive than they should. There’s a name for this; it’s called REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD or RSBD). It apparently happens mostly to men over sixty. I am well over that age, but.. The Thief The first time it happened to me I was sixteen. I thought a thief was in my room. I saw him plainly. He was a big guy, but that didn’t stop me. With a blood curdling scream I jumped up and grabbed him. I had him by his arms. I was trying to get him down on the ground so that I could subdue him. He was amazingly strong and I wasn’t able to control him. We thrashed

Would UBI Kill Low Paying Jobs?

  I don’t think UBI would hurt unskilled employment and might even help. Anthony Lawrence (Pcunix) Photo by   Erik Mclean   on   Unsplash One of the many claims against Universal Basic Income is that businesses wouldn’t be able to find people willing to work for low wages. I’m not sure that’s true. If you have enough UBI to be secure, a job is extra money, money you don’t need. Maybe you have impediments that eliminate higher-paying jobs, maybe you don’t want to travel far, maybe you actually enjoy customer service. Maybe you are just bored. People work really crappy volunteer jobs right now, so money isn’t always the motivation. If you can get extra money for something that you enjoy, but can afford to quit the minute you don’t enjoy it, your attitude and your employer’s attitude change. I think it would be true that low pay workers under UBI would expect more respect, would not put up with being treated as throwaway tools, but the plus side for the employer is that they’d get more co

I Still Say No to a Podcast - Even I don’t fully understand why

  Anthony Lawrence (Pcunix) PodcastMedia Photo by  Matt Botsford  on  Unsplash Podcasting has become quite hot during this pandemic, but it was heating up before all this.  Looking at it logically, people who produce content should consider adding a podcast to their output. I will not argue against that. I’ve been a consumer of podcasts for years. I listened in my car as soon as that became technologically easy, and now that I drive less, I listen while I walk for exercise. It may be hard to become popular, but when is that not the case? I’ve thought about podcasting for a long time, longer than the word itself even existed. I even recorded a few (very few) of my early tech articles and hosted them on my own site as that was the only option back then. But I didn’t like doing it. It’s not that I don’t like talking; quite the opposite. I’ll blabber on for hours. I’ve given extemporaneous lectures; off the cuff doesn’t bother me at all. Nor does the thought of large audiences or negative

Everything I’ve Added or Changed on my M1 MacBook Air So Far, Hardware and Software

  Everything I’ve Added or Changed on my M1 MacBook Air So Far, Hardware and Software Pimping out my ride Anthony Lawrence Photo by author — Mac accessories Yes, I know that my desk is a mess. I have excuses and have detailed those in another story you’d easily be able to find if you must know why I have offended social norms by keeping my workspace in such disarray. Hardware Some of the things you see on my desk were inherited from my Intel Mac Mini. The USB-C to USB-A hub from Amazon came from there along with the three external drives. The OWC dock is new and I did talk about that at the same time I explained my messy desk. Two of the drives are for local Time Machine backups. Time Machine automatically switches between them; if your system is set to backup every hour, it will use a different drive every hour. These drives are plugged into two of the USB-C ports on the OWC dock. I plug that dock in every morning and leave it long enough for both drives to complete their backups. I t

Don’t Lose Your Precious and Irreplaceable Dingbat Bolts Like I did

  Don’t Lose Your Precious and Irreplaceable Dingbat Bolts Like I did I thought they were safe, but they were not! Anthony Lawrence WRITING Image by author These are my ding-bat bolts, or at least one style. These bolts were slightly curved and deliberately made to cross-thread instantly. I offered them for sale in a story I wrote many years ago. As you might expect, sales were dismal, but as most readers assumed that my fledgling internet business was a humor piece, I did make some money from the effort. The story and all of its images but one are lost. Vanished, seemingly without a trace. None of it is in my backups, none of it is in the Internet Archives, I have no hard copies, no PDFs, nada. Deep Backup This is deeply frustrating because I do make and keep deep backups. Deep, deep, and deeper! I have access to Internet stories I wrote as early as 1994. Many are from writing sites long since defunct, but I have my stories! I have them, dammit! But I do not have my Dingbat Bolts or i

Apple’s New Business Essentials Program Is More than You May Think

And Apple has been preparing this for a long time Apple recently announced a new “Business Essentials” product for small businesses. It’s available for free as a beta right now, but final pricing will be from $2.99 to $12.99 monthly per user. That pricing doesn’t include AppleCare support, which they say will be available later. So what is it? Basically, it’s an MDM (Mobile Device Management). Apple bought Fleetsmith, an MDM company, in 2020 and it seems that Fleetsmith software is the base of this offering. What’s an MDM? If you have used Screentime for yourself or a child, that is a limited form of MDM. Screentime inherited some of its features from the Parental Controls feature that Apple introduced in 2009, so Apple is no stranger to this technology. Both allow control of a device, limiting the software used, settings changes, and little more. A full MDM extends those features and provides central management. Apple and Business Apple is not unaccustomed to working with businesses,