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Last Day at Berkshire Vista

Tomorrow will be our last day at Berkshire Vista. We've said our good-byes to all our friends. We've missed a few here and there, I guess, but we did get to see most of you at the dance Saturday night. I had wanted to come down to the fire one last time, but was just too tired. Bob - keep those fires burning; they'll always burn in my memory. This morning, around 6:00 AM, I stood for a while outside our trailer door, looking down over the grounds and the mountains below. This is such a beautiful place, but the damn tears kept clouding my vision. I stepped down and took a walk around the Snob Hill circle. Not too many folks here on Monday, and it looks like the only ones awake were Cathy and Ralph. Pretty soon Mike will be up, puttering around fixing something. Donna will come out to check her flowers. Sheila and Paul get up fairly early too, but no sounds were coming from their trailer. Jack and Judy at the bottom of the hill are still here; I warned Judy that I'd