Gardell Dano Christensen: A little bit about a man who didn’t get the recognition he deserved.

Gardell Dano Christensen is famous enough to have a small stub of a Wikipedia entry that doesn’t tell you much. You might wonder why they bothered with it at all.

Gardell deserves much more than that stub at Wikipedia. He wrote, coauthored, and illustrated books; a bit of Internet sleuthing will turn those up. He designed and built museum dioramas that Wikipedia gives him no credit for. He even went on the expeditions that collected the animals because he was a taxidermist. I was able to find a bit of a biography that provided a little more love, but Gardell truly has been unfairly ignored. I’ll give you links to all that and more later, but my purpose here is to relate a tiny bit of personal history that included Gardell and his family.


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