Thurston The Magician's well deserved fame has been eclipsed by his contemporary, Houdini

Like many young boys, I became interested in magic. I assiduously studied sleight of hand and card tricks, and my father indulged me by helping me to construct some of the apparatuses I read about in books.

My father also told me that when he was a young man, he had attended a wonderful magic show put on by Thurston The Magician. I had never heard of Thurston; his well deserved fame has been eclipsed by his contemporary, Houdini. I assumed he was a minor figure and never looked into his life until I happened to spot this token at an eBay auction. That immediately triggered a memory of my father telling me about seeing Thurston perform in Boston. I bought the token for $14.00, without any idea if that was a fair price or not (it’s probably not as the token has some corrosion). I also began researching Thurston.


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