Because I’m So Lazy, Here Are Some Free Article Ideas For You


Because I’m So Lazy, Here Are Some Free Article Ideas For You

Maybe you can make something out of them


Personal photo of author trying to write a coherent sentence

I bet you have a file of writing ideas. I certainly do. Some of these little prompts of mine have been there for many years, even decades. It seems I may never use them.

So, have at them. I only request that you credit me by pasting the quote somewhere (a footnote is fine) and linking back to here. And, if you remember, I’d like you to let me know about your post.

Here they are. Make of them what you will. Maybe what you write will inspire me.

Isn’t spreading disinformation about COVID and the vaccines shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater? (Tony Lawrence)

Was Trump trying to say something about COVID when he tweeted Covfefe? (Tony Lawrence)

A COVID denier told me that government nurses came to his disabled and housebound sister to give her the “fake” vaccine. I asked him why the government would put a tracking chip into a homebound person. (Tony Lawrence)

I muttered “BAIT!” under my breath, my acronym for “Big A-Hole In a Truck”. (Tony Lawrence)

“There are no problems, only income opportunities. Opportunities for someone, not necessarily you.” (Tony Lawrence)

After establishing competence and ability, your customer wants to know that you are honest and that you care about their needs. Sell that, because that’s what they really want to buy. (Tony Lawrence)

Oh, yes, the “millions ploy”. I would get offered that frequently for programming projects. All I had to do was work for free. (Tony Lawrence)

C++: NSStringWithoutYourMothersHatButWithNiceCandyFrosting — aargh! (Tony Lawrence)

He makes good money, but at a party, he’ll put you to sleep while you are still standing. (Tony Lawrence)

Computers have been taught to distrust each other and will reject attempted connections most of the time. Nowadays, most computers and firewalls are utterly rude about it: it would be like asking someone to dance and having them ignore you as though you were invisible and inaudible. (Tony Lawrence)

Dead trees and polluting ink. I’ll be happy to see them go. (Tony Lawrence)

I wanted to learn how to swim, so Google showed me how to turn on the water at the sink and let me splash it around a bit. They then dragged me into a helicopter, flew way out into the ocean and dumped me out. (Tony Lawrence)

If Linux can skate by the patent and copyright issues, its growth in the corporate world will continue no matter what business dislikes about the GPL. (Tony Lawrence)

It all sounds good from the pulpit,but come Monday morning all the sinners are back to business as usual writing crappy code. (Tony Lawrence)

It’s hard to study much history and not dislike religion — (Tony Lawrence)

Just because they’ve sold you an IP based phone system doesn’t mean they know anything about IP, does it? (Tony Lawrence)

Linux source code is freely and easily available to all of us. Understanding it is much harder. (Tony Lawrence)

May you live long enough to regret your opinions — (Tony Lawrence)

The history of the world teaches us that succession is dangerous and that the strong take what they want. It’s not likely to be any different with Linux. (Tony Lawrence)

A fruit fly can do aerial gymnastics with a 100,000 neurons but we can’t conquer self driving cars with billions of transistors. (Tony Lawrence)

The idea of “work, then get paid” has been deeply ingrained in our culture by employers who want to limit their risk. Well, I like to limit my risks also. I like to get paid before I do work. (Tony Lawrence)

The less accurate your mental model of a given process is, the less accurate is any guess you make about its malfunction. (Tony Lawrence)

Today, kernels are too much obedient servants, blindly doing the bidding of any program that asks. (Tony Lawrence)

Unlike info, Unix pinfo does not display anything if it has nothing. I’ve been forever irritated by info coming up with its default page when it has nothing to tell me. I’ve been irritated by people for the same reason. (Tony Lawrence)


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