How about an iPhone/iPad Flashlight App on Your M1 Mac?


How about an iPhone/iPad Flashlight App on Your M1 Mac?

Are you kidding me?

Apps available for M1 Mac- all screenshots bu author

When we first learned that we’d be able to run IOS apps on the M1 Mac, some of us thought that was pretty neat.

What on earth were we thinking?

The screenshot above shows a few of the many ridiculous apps that could run on M1 Macs if you were perverse enough to install them. Just to see what would happen, I chose to download an iPhone/iPad Flashlight app to my Mac.

Yup. I know, you are giggling. So was I.

Flashlight app running, sort of

Pretty much what you thought, isn’t it?

I doubt the developer expects anyone to download his little crypto/t-shirt/whatever advertising app to be used on a Mac. This and all the other IOS junk that can be found in the Mac App store is because he would need to flag his app NOT to run on Mac to stop that appearance.

Why Apple chose to do it that way is utterly incomprehensible to me. But they apparently have.

The result is that the Mac App store is full of IOS junk. If by chance there is an IOS or iPadOS app you want, you won’t know if it got there by accident or if the developer made some effort to do what Apple advises:

Although there is no porting process, consider updating your code anyway to provide a better user experience when your app runs on macOS.(

There are apps where the developer did make that effort. Overcast, my favorite podcast app, for example.

Overcast on M1 Mac

You can create multiple Overcast windows when running on the Mac. I’m not sure why you’d want to unless you have multiple Overcast accounts, but there it is, and it is very nice to have Overcast available.

I can’t find talking about the Mac work; if you know of a link, please tell me in the comments.


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