Watch Out, There’s mRNA in that and a Tracking Chip!


Watch Out, There’s mRNA in that and a Tracking Chip!

Lab grown food, refusing vaccines, and life in ‘Murica


Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Some of the fun conversations I’ve recently had in the land of Americanus Ignoramus:

COVID Shots at home

A COVID denier told me that government nurses came to his disabled and housebound sister to give her the “fake” vaccine. I asked him why the government would bother to put a tracking chip into a homebound person. He ignored me.

mRNA brain cancer

I recently heard someone’s excuse for not getting vaccinated for COVID. According to her father, his daughter said that the mRNA might cause brain cancer. I googled that while we were talking and found many results saying things like “Scientists excited about the possibility of treating difficult cancers with mRNA vaccines.”

Lab grown chicken

In the same conversation, the Dad mentioned that his daughter had tried some lab grown “chicken”. I said he should tell her to be careful because there’s mRNA in that. Before he thought about what I said, he replied “No, she said there is only one seasoning ingredient” and then laughed at himself as he realized that of course mRNA is in all living cells.

Americanus Ignoramus likely has no idea what mRNA is because they never heard of it before COVID. Americanus Ignoramus probably still can’t spell it but they think it’s dangerous.

I am truly sick and tired of Americanus Ignoramus. We are spiraling toward environmental disaster because barely literate fools elect greedy liars who tell them liberals eat babies, will confiscate their guns, tear down churches, and turn America’s children in gay transgender atheists who have to share bathrooms.

Americanus Ignoramus makes me angry and sad at the same time. Sad because most don’t know any better and will not understand their part in why the world as we know it will crumble around them.

I’m most angry at those who play on their fears and ignorance. The liars who spout nonsense for political gain. Their lives will be disrupted too, but they think their money and power will protect them. It might, and that angers me even more.

Because I am impotent beyond my vote, I jape. There’s mRNA in that, tracking chips, whatever. Little darts that sail right over their little unaware heads. Little comfort from that, but it’s something.


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