This is Exactly Why I Gave Up Psychic Reading and Became a Weather God


This is Exactly Why I Gave Up Psychic Reading and Became a Weather God

Sure, the blizzards suck, but it’s a lot easier


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Some people have nothing better to do than put down those who are just trying to do their jobs and make a living as best they can.

recently trash-talked the entire psychic reading profession in a cruel and demeaning way. I detest dropping a link and only do so in hopes that you will read her vile comments and give her what-for!

If you don’t like to read that kind of so-called journalism, I’ll give you the TL;DR version: she thinks psychics are worthless.

Ahem. Well, in the sense of how much we get PAID for our efforts, yes, you could say that. But it’s not an easy job! It’s hard — I’d like to see her try it!

Uni-Centric Thinking

First of all it’s a multiverse out there and the window to the future seldom stays open very long. In that brief period while it is open, you have to look around frantically trying to get a clue whether this is YOUR universe or one of the others and then, if the damn window hasn’t closed, figure out what the hell is going on that might be interesting.


Read a newspaper? Hah! Usually you barely have time to scan the headlines. And that’s if you are lucky enough to be seeing a place where you know the language!

Quotidian tedium

And more often than not, NOTHING interesting is happening at all. Just a typical boring day in 2146 or whenever. And tell me, if you will, what good is a prediction for 2146? I and everyone who reads my prognostication will be long gone by then! So throw that one in the scrap heap unless you want to be like Nostradamus —and there’s no money in that, you know.

Slippery slopes

Oh, and don’t forget that temporal shifts aren’t always forward. How many times have I seen a newspaper headline about a disaster that has already happened! Too damn often!

Weather God

That’s why I gave it up and became a Weather God for South Eastern MA. First, if I’m NOT looking at South Eastern MA, I can boogie on out of there and go back to here. Second, if the date is in the past, same thing: close the window and back to the present. Finally, if there’s nothing happening, I can sneak a peek at the weather app on my phone and still make a decent prediction.

So, Remington Write (if that’s even your real name!) perhaps you will temper your bile the next time you have a complaint about the under appreciated psychics of the world.



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