Who Will Use the iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode Feature?


Who Will Use the iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode Feature?

How many existing camera features do you use now?

The Nantucket — photo from Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Nantucket_(IX-18)

The Nantucket shown above was originally a Navy gunboat but from 1909 to 1941 was a Massachusetts Maritime Academy training ship. My dad boarded her in September 1932 as a cadet.

One of the items he carried with him was a movie camera. He shot films of the ship he trained on with his future brother-in-law, my mother’s brother. Later, after he graduated, he took film of his children but also made a fun fictional film about hunting a rare bird in the jungle. My mother played an elephant with big floppy ears or perhaps she was the bird; I don’t remember much more than that. We all had great fun watching that and the Nantucket films.

Although my father did transfer those films to video tape or DVD before he died, unfortunately all copies seem to be lost. Yet another thing I wish I had thought about years ago.

My dad on the Nantucket?
Family Photo — I think this is a still from the “jungle” movie.

The Internet

I imagine a hand-held movie camera was not inexpensive back then, but my grandfather was very well off even after the 1929 crash, so it may have been a gift when my dad went off to college. I can vaguely recall what it looked like, but not well enough to pin down a model.

In some ways, you might think of my dad’s camera as somewhat equivalent to an iPhone today. A somewhat high expense for home movies, but not anything a professional would ordinarily use. My dad had no internet to share his movies, but I expect that he would have if he could.Today’s Youtube, Tik-Tok, and other video celebrities aren’t using cell phones when they can afford professional equipment, though perhaps those without much money who are trying to gain fame might start there.


But other than those hopefuls, who will use Cinematic Mode? Certainly, it’s a “Wow!” feature, but where would it fit in our lives? Will people use it like my dad used his camera to make little mini-films to share with their family? Will would-be directors without backing submit their masterpieces to the big studios?

I can’t see much of that happening, can you?

Today’s phone camera’s have gone far beyond your Average Joe’s needs. Portrait Mode, Night Mode, Slow-Mo: all things that seemed so exciting when they first came out, but I have never used them after the first few days of having them. I would guess most folks might take a video of their kids soccer game or playing at the beach, maybe a birthday party or graduation — would any of those benefit from Cinematic Mode? I don’t know. Are we getting close to Peak iPhone Camera?

Because I have a coin collection, I was momentarily tempted by the new Macro capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro because it would take wonderful pictures of my collection. But I already have pictures that I seldom look at and nobody else is any more interested. Yes, I could take better pictures with that new phone, but am I really going to get all those coins from the safe deposit box to do that? No, I wouldn’t.

It’s more than enough

So, no new phone for me. My iPhone 11 does more than I need right now and my wife has never taken more than a handful of pictures with her 11 Pro. Unless our phones unexpectedly die, I can’t see us getting new phones for at least three or four years. By the time we are ready, they’ll probably be doing 3D movies or holograms!

How about you? Do you use your phone’s more advanced camera features often? Do features like the iPhone 13 promises excite you? Let me know in the comments.


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