Why the Hell Haven’t You Upgraded to IOS 15?


Why the Hell Haven’t You Upgraded to IOS 15?

You are missing out on so much good stuff


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I read yesterday that only around 20% of IOS users have upgraded to IOS 15.

What? Are you crazy??

Yes, I know that some of the press has called this a “minor upgrade”. They are out of their minds! Seriously, they have packed their bags, put sheets over the furniture, left town, and must be off in the hinterlands rip-roaring drunk. This is NOT a minor upgrade, this is not uninteresting, this is not same-old, same-old in a recycled Amazon box with used Xmas wrapping paper and a frayed bow wrapped around it.

Apple did a boo-boo

Yes, I also know that Apple did something utterly weird by putting IOS 15 down under where you’d ordinarily see upgrades. Doing that is like putting a covered dish in the living room when everyone has sat down for dinner.

“Oh, hey, if you want some steamed asparagus and broccoli, it’s over there in the blue dish. I might have undercooked it, but if you want some, go help yourself!”

Given that, it’s surprising that anyone installed it!

Oh, and then there is that some things are yet to come; a few features didn’t make the release. Yeah, the press has given that as an excuse not to upgrade too.

Aaargh! You are missing out!

Just yesterday I wrote about a great new feature you absolutely should be using:

You didn’t read that, did you? Okay, fine, you misunderstood the title, and who the hell uses email now anyway, right? Maybe I should have titled it “You use your email address to log in to all kinds of dodgy websites and apps and IOS 15 has a way to avoid that”?

Oh, but it’s bad, bad, bad!

Wait: you probably heard that Apple messed up Safari on the iPhone and that you shouldn’t use IOS 15 because of that. Sheesh! First off, you can turn that “mistake” off if you must, but that relocated tab bar is actually better:

Facetime works with Android now

Please don’t tell me you use Zoom for personal stuff. Puh-leez don’t tell me that! Zoom is an abomination and I cannot even begin to understand how it went from a deservedly obscure example of bad code to undeserved popularity. Seriously, the world has gone mad!

Is your excuse that your stubborn uncle won’t use Apple because he won’t pay more than a hundred bucks for any damn cell phone? Well, okay, because IOS 15 Facetime will let you call him.

Private Relay

Private Relay will replace a VPN for many of us. VPN software is seldom cheap, but Private Relay comes with all paid iCloud tiers, including the 99 cent a month plan.

Come on, you aren’t willing to cough up 99 cents to make your IP address hidden from the websites you visit? Really? You like being tracked because it’s comforting to know that someone is always watching you?

Focus and more

Focus in IOS 15 is highly customizable Do Not Disturb. This is not a complicated and confusing tool that supposedly will help you arrange your life but is really too damn much trouble. This is simple and it works.

Text recognition lets you grab text from that dumb printed neighbors phone list that you get from the technophobe at the end of your street or anything you get in snail mail. It’s magic! Because of text recognition, you can search for text that is in the photos you took ten years ago — even text in foreign languages!

There is more and there is more to come. Get on the train!

All things come to he who waits

Nope. Not this time. Don’t wait, upgrade. You are going to love it.

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