You Might Be Using Your iPhone’s Camera Sort of Wrong and Not Even Know it


You Might Be Using Your iPhone’s Camera Sort of Wrong and Not Even Know it

I’ve seen many people do this

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No, I’m not an iPhone camera expert. I wouldn’t presume to tell you how to take pictures with your phone — or with any camera at all. Oh, sure, I know enough to get by, but that’s about it.

No, this is about something I often saw people do when I worked as a salesperson at the Apple store.

Open your photos

A customer might ask me a question about putting some photos into a shared album. I’d ask them to open up Photos so that I could show them and what so many would do is click on their camera app and then click on the last photo they had taken — the thing I’ve circled in the photo above.

That will bring you to your photos. You can scroll through them, edit them, and even add them to a shared album, so that’s okay. There’s nothing you can’t do this way except easily select multiple photos at once. As selecting multiple photos was usually what they wanted, this wasn’t necessarily the best way to do that.

You CAN get to a better place from there by clicking on All Photos at the top right. That opens the Photos app for you.

Screenshot by author

Or, you could just open the Photos app to begin with, which would have been quicker.

Walk too close to a habit and it will bite you

Some of the people who were accustomed to using the Camera app had been sucked in by habit, but some never realized there was a separate photos app. That’s understandable: if someone originally taught you how to get at your photos by way of the camera, you might never notice that Photos app. And as I said, you get to the same place, it just takes an extra step, so no real harm done.

What about people who use apps like Google Photos? I don’t recall anyone ever asking me about that. It’s good that they didn’t, because I don’t know much about it. I use Google Photos, but only to have a safe copy of my pictures. I pay for extra Google cloud storage primarily for that reason — it’s cheap enough.

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