Can’t a fella have a little pretty decoration now and then?

 My wife had noticed the toothpaste spot on my sweatshirt. She pointed at it.

“You can’t go out like that!”

But I can. There are plenty of places you can go with a dirty sweatshirt. Any hardware store. Any Walmart. Any gas station. Lots of places.

While my wife disagrees, I feel quite comfortable about running to the supermarket for bananas with this badge of white on my chest. People could mistake it for paint, and getting paint on your sweatshirt is a confirmation of masculinity.

She spotted the protest in my eyes.

“No, seriously, you cannot.”

I sighed. Defeated once again, I dejectedly walked to the bathroom to remove the detriment to my social standing in the community at large.

The male of the species likes to decorate himself. Why can’t the women let us be pretty too?

#Humor #Funny #Marriage

This story was originally published at Medium. I’m Pcunix there and most everywhere else.


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