More Things My Wife Won’t Let Me Do

 My wife can be very unreasonable about my public appearance

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Earlier I expressed my frustration about my wife not allowing me a tiny bit of clothing decoration to brighten my day. Writing that reminded me of another clothing incident from back when I was working as a computer consultant and troubleshooter.

One of my long term customers was opening a new store location. Because this would involve new internet access and router to router VPN’s to tie this new location to four others, I was scheduled to go there one Friday morning. I had already programmed the new router at home, but there had always been issues with something when I had set up the other stores. Bad cabling, incorrect configurations by the internet provider, computers and printers needing to learn about each other, whatever. It might take an hour, it might take more. But this was well-worn ground for me, so I didn’t expect anything I couldn’t handle.

I showered, shaved, dressed as usual, and headed out to the kitchen to say goodby to my wife. She looked me up and down and pursed her lips.

“You can’t wear those.”

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