I Hope This is What Apple’s AR/VR Turns Out to Be

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Apparently, Apple has demonstrated their AR/VR device to the board of directors. Even without knowing whether the directors were excited, bored, or outraged, that tidbit has caused speculation that this long awaited product may be mentioned at the forthcoming WWDC.

That makes sense. Even if this is only what the pundits have expected it to be, developers need time to make their code ready for it.

But what if it is much more than what all the tech press seems to expect? What if this is a much more revolutionary product? What if this left the directors gasping and imagining what their stock will be worth when the product is announced? What if?

I’ve previously written about some possibilities for this, envisioning it as a computing device.

I want to explore that idea more here because I now see that it could be much more.

Universe View

An eye controlled screen opens up fascinating possibilities. Imagine you had rear and side view cameras, and some pointed up and down. Forget about having a 360 degree view of reality : this could be like being on the inside of a transparent bubble. Roll your eyes in any direction to have a true wherever-vision experience. You could literally have eyes in the back of your head, with a shadow representation lightly overlaying your normal view if you wanted. Up, down, around: wherever your eyes move, you see.

As an accessibility aid for the severely disabled, this would be wonderful, but it would bring super-powers to all of us. It can all be three-dimensional, of course. Focus on a distant object to bring it forward. Focus on a near object for a microscopic view. Zoom in, zoom out. Wonderful. We’d be experiencing the world in a whole new way.

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