Is your Apple Watch Band Too Loose?


Is your Apple Watch Band Too Loose?

My wife has very thin wrists. A simple fix made her Apple watch fit better.

Adding Padding to a Sport Loop Band
Adding padding to a Sport Loop Band

My wife’s wrists are quite thin. She loves her Apple Watch, but it did not do a good job tracking her exercise because it was far too loose on her wrist. The Sport Band that Apple sells comes in many lovely colors, but even the smallest version of it does not fit well on her and other people with thin wrists.

You can find smaller bands on line, but in general they seem to be more expensive or have limited style/color choices. We searched thoroughly, but could not find anything she liked.

As it happened, I had some Velcro® tape hanging about. I bought it decades ago, because it’s handy for joining together all sorts of things that need to be stuck to each other. I wondered if a slightly different way to use it would help solve my wife’s watchband issue.

I cut a strip of appropriate length and width, separated the parts, and stuck it together backwards: that is, I took the sticky sides of the tape and stuck them together. This left the “hook” side and the gripping side opposite each other. It turns out that the hook side is quite happy to latch on to the inside of the Sport Band loop, leaving the soft side exposed as you see in the picture.


This added enough padding to tighten things up considerably. It’s still not quite enough, so I’m going to add another flexible layer of something between the two sides. I’m just trying to find the right material that will add enough thickness while remaining flexible.

The new Solo Loop announced in September of 2020 might have solved her problem, as Apple’s website indicates that a size 1 will fit her wrist. However, it is too tight and the next size is too loose.

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