Vision Pro — That’s a Mic Drop for Apple


Vision Pro — That’s a Mic Drop for Apple

Why on earth were people negging this?


If you didn’t watch this, go watch it now. I’ll wait.

Okay? If you previously thought this was a ridiculous product that nobody would want, I imagine that you realize now that you were wrong. If you do NOT understand that now, go watch it again.

I think Apple nailed the expectations I had for this device.

Actually, they nailed it even beyond that. Yes, $3,499 is not pocket change for most of us, but you are missing a key point. What does it cost to buy two Studio Displays? At least $3,200, right? But this Vision Pro is better than four or five Studio Displays. In fact, it’s better than any number of displays because it is both 3D and infinite. Not only that, but it’s also a 3D movie camera!

You can use it for FaceTime and it will look like this:

Screenshot from Apple Keynote

You launch apps with your eyes and a finger tap. Focus on a text field and you can fill it with your voice or a virtual keyboard.

It knows when someone enters the room and they can see your eyes!

This isn’t a Ginsu knife, but seriously, now what would you pay?

This is a short post. Go watch the video again, already! Shoo! Go now!

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