Another IOS Feature I Did Not Know

Another IOS Feature I Did Not Know

Mac Geek Gab Podcast teaches me something again

I recently wrote about various ways to increase the size of text or your whole screen. Shortly after that, my wife was having trouble making out details at some site where she was trying to buy a shirt. 

As she is using an iPad without a keyboard, I couldn’t show her the simple CMD +, CMD -, and CMD 0, so I tried showing her the Zoom features in Accessibility. She found that too difficult (arthritis and Dupuytren’s contracture in her fingers), so instead I had her take a screenshot, switch to photos, and use pinching to zoom in and out. That she was able to do, though she still wasn’t happy with the website for its poor presentation skills.

Sometimes even Accessibility features are too hard for some users. Pinching a photo is something almost all users have learned. I also gave my wife the floating Assistive Touch so that she can more easily take the screenshot, so now she shouldn’t have any more trouble with pictures that are too small.

I shared that tip with the Mac Geek Gab podcast and they mentioned it on this week’s show because even without having traitorous fingers, sometimes a screenshot is the only way to zoom into small details and remembering accessibility shortcuts can be difficult if you aren’t using them frequently.

But then MGG taught me something new. If you go into Settings->Accessibility and then scroll to the very bottom of the page you will see Per-App-Settings. This does just what it promises: you can set specific accessibility features for specific apps.

Apple: what’s wrong with you? Who scrolls to the bottom of that so very long page? That link should be at the top as it is very likely to be just what the user should do!

Select to add an app, then click on it to drill in to this:

As you can see, there are quite a few app unique settings. I played with this a bit with Chrome because I didn’t want to change anything in Safari, which is my daily browser. By the way, when IOS 17 arrives, there is even less need to use anything but Safari: multiple user profiles is the big one, but there are more. 

This Per-App Accessibility is available now; no need to wait for IOS 17.

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