IOS 17 Reminders Has a New Trick I Really Like and It’s Not Grocery Shopping

 IOS 17 Reminders Has a New Trick I Really Like and It’s Not Grocery Shopping

It seems to me that every article I have read about IOS 17 Reminders has gushed over the new Grocery List automatic categorization. In my view, it’s a nice idea that doesn’t work very well and utterly fails to meet my needs for my weekly grocery shopping.

That’s me and my grumpy old self talking; you might be ecstatic to have this new feature. 

What the Grocery List feature does have is Sections and Apple has made Sections available to all “normal” Reminder lists. That is, Sections are not currently available in Smart Lists like Today, which I first thought was annoying, but quickly realized that no, that’s fine.

So what are Sections? Here are the Sections that I created for my ever growing Reminder list.

 If you open a List (remember, not a Smart List) and click on the circle with three dots at the upper right corner, you’ll see a choice for Sections. It will either say “Add Section” if you have no Sections defined or “Manage Sections” once you have added one. 

Once you have Sections, you can drag individual Reminders to where they belong or long press on on it and choose “Move to Section”.

You can also select multiple Reminders, long press on the selection, and move all of them to a Section.

All this has no particular advantage over tags if you just want to see specific types of Reminders, but it does now let you scroll through all your reminders organized by Sections. If you revisit that circle with three dots and sort by due date, you can see what’s overdue, do now, and due in the future within your categories.

I like that because I can, for example, see all of my scheduled exercise or shopping at once. Grocery sections may not work for me, but this will be helpful.

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